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Fanshawe College Retail Meat Cutter 245R Pre-Apprentice

Fanshawe College Retail Meat Cutter 245R Pre-Apprentice

2018 Program Delivery Information

Information Sessions

Date                                                       Time       Room

Tuesday January 23rd                                          7 PM         A1015

Friday February 2nd                                                7 PM         A1015

Saturday February 10th                         9 AM        A1015

Saturday February 24th                         1 PM        A1015

Friday March 9th                                                         7 PM        A1015


Interested students are required to attend an information session and bring a resume with them.

This is a Free program with openings for 18 students.

Program delivery is as follows:

Essential Skill for Ontario Trades Testing Dates:

 March 19th – 29th

Academic Upgrading Dates:

April 3rd – April 20th

In-School Training Dates:

April 27th – August 31st (18 Weeks)

Paid Work Term Dates:

September 10th – November 30th (12 Weeks)

Troy Spicer


Program Coordinator

Retail Meat Cutter 245R Pre-Apprentice Program

School of Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Arts

1001 Fanshawe College Blvd. London, ON

N5Y 5R6
T: 519-452-4430 x4364

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